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tcl emiliano 7320 4950 days ago "make test" failures, Tk HEAD, netbsd 4.0
tcl emiliano 10240 5001 days ago ttk::scale changes to get a -increment option
tcl emiliano 7780 5003 days ago tcl-8.5.1-rc2 test failures on netbsd
tcl Emiliano 7771 5015 days ago strange ttk::notebook behaviour
tcl Emiliano 8040 5027 days ago result of "make test" on netbsd, thread enabled build
tcl Emiliano 7152 5029 days ago configure img on netbsd
tcl Emiliano 7671 5048 days ago 'make test' with and without threads on netbsd (8.5.0)
tcl Emiliano 8250 5090 days ago parallel http::geturl with progress dialog (needs ttk)
tcl Emiliano 6460 5097 days ago Small changes in tkfbox.tcl
tcl Emiliano 8250 5119 days ago Full backtrace of tk crash on unix -- new
tcl Emiliano 6630 5119 days ago full backtrace of tk crash on unix
tcl Emiliano 6440 5119 days ago tk 8.5b1 crash on unix
tcl Emiliano 6540 5140 days ago (no title provided)
tcl Emiliano 6150 5141 days ago Revised version of TkUnixSclbr.c
tcl Emiliano 6670 5143 days ago Patch to build Tk HEAD on *BSD. Fail
tcl Emiliano 7901 5157 days ago Crash on X11 with XFT enabled builds
tcl Emiliano 6630 5161 days ago Test from Tkchat
tcl Emiliano 6750 5161 days ago Test
tcl Emiliano 6481 5176 days ago (no title provided)
tcl Emiliano 8001 5176 days ago ttk::entry and takefocus issue
tcl Emiliano 6930 5261 days ago Correct code to draw a black arrow