How to use this site

This pasting site consists of a Jabber component linked to a tclhttpd based website. Jabber users can post messages to pasting channels and the component responds with a URL that can be passed to other users. This is intended to be useful for users of Jabber Multi-User Chat (MUC).

To add a new item to the website send a Jabber message to where channel should be the name of the MUC chatroom or some other name useful to separate content. The message subject is used as the item title.

Some current channels are the tcl channel for the Tclers chat and junk for testing.


You may add comments to posted items for up to 7 days. After the item is a week old it will be closed to new comments. During the live period the page generated for the post will have a robots meta tag added to prevent the page being indexed by search engines. This is only removed some time after comments are disabled. This means search engines should index old items but there is no value in adding spam comments as they will be removed before any search engine indexes the page.

There is now a simple check (a small random calculation) to ensure you are human and not some spam bot. This will be modified soon and most likely be replaced by a CAPTCHA image.


If you post here using the web interface then your IP is logged. Posting spam will cause your IP to be added to a table for blocking. It is also ineffectual as the site uses the nofollow and noindex robot tags to prevent indexing by the search engines.Return to the main page