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tcl sebres 14220 44 days ago [cm]: rich (data mining & science) console mode (shorten or suppress an output return value in tcl
tcl sebres 34821 103 days ago weird difference of performance by LILO queue (organized as list) between 8.5 and 8.6
tcl sebres 35010 151 days ago simplest uri-parser routing to tcl-namespace
tcl sebres 33500 182 days ago @Pistol7Pi: your script without secret knowledge ...
tcl sebres 31560 182 days ago @Pistol7Pi: your script based on some secret knowledge (unknown to me)
tcl sebres 25120 228 days ago command ... {:}fallback -- tcl-parser syntax enhancement (improving TIP #323)
tcl sebres 17040 317 days ago random generator with weights
tcl sebres 18240 342 days ago tclThreadAlloc vs. CPU-cache (fragmentation/granularity/etc)...
tcl sebres 15010 346 days ago variants of fixes [135804138e]
tcl sebres 9150 353 days ago check pooryorick's guess io-53.8 hanging (with dependency to io-53.4)
tcl sebres 14010 374 days ago ldeclare - multiline list declaration with substitution (and simple comments removal)
tcl sebres 12300 404 days ago differences by interpretation of line by certain interpolation of line continuations ...
tcl sebres 16071 423 days ago example of new mathfunc (fast) "invsqrt" (with given accuracy) as c-module + tcl examples of usage
tcl sebres 18630 450 days ago tcltest: usage in timerate in order to debug or reproduce a heisenbug
tcl sebres 16121 459 days ago short summary of performance measure tests over all tcl-versions (8.5-8.7)
tcl sebres 17220 461 days ago compiled C-call invocation in tclSE, disassemble of [timerate]
tcl sebres 15590 489 days ago fpclassify x64 vs x86 - gcc7.x/8.x (mingw)
tcl sebres 19020 543 days ago @de: short analyse of schema.c (in search of leak)
tcl sebres 20360 548 days ago scan/freescan dst-tz coverage test-cases on (ambigous) TZ in input
tcl sebres 19951 548 days ago short and simply explanation for bug-b9bfaf5fdb
tcl sebres 26691 563 days ago inter exec trace + empty proc
tcl sebres 26861 564 days ago json-encode.c -- small C-module to get native json escape in tcl / @drh
tcl sebres 23681 586 days ago does someone know whether sqlite3 has something like ANSI_NULLS option?
tcl sebres 22901 618 days ago hackish way for namespace delete event/callback at tcl-level
tcl sebres 10400 627 days ago utf-bytes-needed -- illustrating tcl-pure implementation of "detect incomplete utf sequence"
tcl sebres 5950 628 days ago @dgp, @kbk as for performance "regression" by wide-int only variant of 8.7th (for 32-bit platform)