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tcl bairui 3990 959 days ago heredoc
tcl bairui 3533 959 days ago heredoc experiment for Cecil's usage error message
tcl bairui 3600 960 days ago Wiki Link cleanup regex
tcl bairui 3790 1063 days ago naive (in every sense of the word) shadow-dict beginnings
tcl bairui 1860 1380 days ago simple calc lexer for tcllib aycock parser
tcl bairui 1870 1404 days ago tpool example
tcl bairui 1820 1407 days ago worker threads example (fixed - i think)
tcl bairui 1890 1407 days ago test harness
tcl bairui 1830 1407 days ago typical thread-death error message
tcl bairui 1850 1407 days ago worker threads example (based on mjanssen's original code)
tcl bairui 2640 1491 days ago Tkhtml -imagcmd causes signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)
tcl bairui 2740 1844 days ago broken promises
tcl bairui 2461 1845 days ago playing with promises
tcl bairui 2402 1845 days ago playing with threads
tcl bairui 3070 1904 days ago create dict from key=value data source
tcl bairui 4770 2065 days ago puts preferred
tcl bairui 5340 2065 days ago puts multiple strings
tcl bairui 5620 2068 days ago tcloo command-line parsing