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tcl oldlaptop 2010 243 days ago pvnPeter: Does this make it clearer, maybe? I think perhaps you also want curl's --json, not --data
tcl oldlaptop 2170 257 days ago pvnPeter: Maybe inspirational?
tcl oldlaptop 1970 317 days ago reptilian stuff
tcl oldlaptop 1790 323 days ago build output
tcl oldlaptop 2110 338 days ago Maybe this makes clearer what your condition really does. (It's doing exactly what it should.)
tcl oldlaptop 2170 356 days ago tdbc::postgres omitting column type information
tcl oldlaptop 74240 562 days ago This is, perhaps, a start at parsing the output you've shown me.
tcl oldlaptop 65350 562 days ago sebres' test case in 993edf2e640bee9645d42b48866ffdc61dbd40a2 (core-8-6-branch as of now)
tcl oldlaptop 71070 579 days ago it creates "var", and sets the element in p1's array
tcl oldlaptop 42830 632 days ago valgrind gets very angry
tcl oldlaptop 46160 649 days ago Better toy demo of the wonders of [grid]'s relative placement feature
tcl oldlaptop 44410 649 days ago okay, this is how I'd *actually* lay it out :)
tcl oldlaptop 41440 649 days ago This is how I'd lay it out
tcl oldlaptop 44360 712 days ago rl_json vs. sqlite json1
tcl oldlaptop 11770 833 days ago magic meta tag for manpages (seems to help mobile a lot here)
tcl oldlaptop 40150 933 days ago with the new sqlite3-tcl-3.33.0
tcl oldlaptop 40060 936 days ago anyhow, there isn't one for 'a' + i, apparently
tcl oldlaptop 26420 965 days ago rkeene: tklib.diff
tcl oldlaptop 17640 978 days ago [error] versus [return -code error]
tcl oldlaptop 37890 1048 days ago for what it's worth:
tcl oldlaptop 26260 1150 days ago add critcl to kitcreator