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tcl jima 45440 1147 days ago example of jima expr like toy
tcl jima 13430 2067 days ago attempted Tcl code ported to C...
tcl jima 10750 2067 days ago possible mem leaks or other bad use of C interface?
tcl jima 21110 2086 days ago getting these in tkchat...
tcl jima 7470 2288 days ago my latest llvm recipe... bar folder names...
tcl jima 7490 2292 days ago xml document to process with tdom
tcl jima 6910 2369 days ago tear your eyes off courtesy of jima macro system
tcl jima 7070 2548 days ago tls stuff?
tcl jima 6780 2548 days ago configure log while doing TclTls
tcl jima 6730 2548 days ago naive attempt at clojure's ->
tcl jima 6860 2556 days ago Auriocus' example
tcl jima 6530 2574 days ago the previous thing generates this code...
tcl jima 6490 2574 days ago latest abuse of Tcl macro facility of VecTcl
tcl jima 7070 2577 days ago bastardized monster
tcl jima 7090 2653 days ago some dict based data munging... probably can be optimized
tcl jima 6430 2786 days ago ycl loading stuff
tcl jima 6040 2789 days ago update var problem ???
tcl jima 7650 3102 days ago screen messages from running TLS server
tcl jima 8680 3102 days ago updated TLS server
tcl jima 8000 3109 days ago tls CLIENT
tcl jima 8640 3109 days ago tls SERVER
tcl jima 9960 3250 days ago Hermitifier comments before...
tcl jima 9580 3401 days ago spot the difference
tcl jima 12900 3452 days ago body of NOP
tcl jima 12320 3452 days ago NOP or NOT?
tcl jima 10350 3454 days ago Access to Tcl'ers chat from Android Xabber