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  1. [11:03] Hermitifier Hello
  2. [11:04] Hermitifier I've got a problem with $argv encoding in tclkit
  3. [11:04] Hermitifier I narrowed it down to minimal one-liner script: puts $argv
  4. [11:05] Hermitifier Now, "tclsh argvtest.tcl ąóęü" works and prints "ąóęü"
  5. [11:06] Hermitifier But "tclkitsh argvtest.tcl ąóęü" doesn't work properly
  6. [11:06] Hermitifier I have to change the script to "puts [encoding convertfrom cp1250 $argv]"
  7. [11:07] Hermitifier Both shells are 8.6.4