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  1. #here I create the dictionary
  2. set schPageInfo [dict create PAGE_NAME $lPageNameStr PAGE_NUM $lPageNum PAGE_WIDTH $lPageWidth PAGE_HEIGHT $lPageHeight]
  4. #here I store that dictonary in 2 other dicts...
  5. dict set schPageInfoByPageName $lPageNameStr schPageInfo
  6. dict set schPageInfoByPageNum $lPageNum schPageInfo
  8. #here I try to get the dictionary from the schPageInfoByPageNum
  9. set schPageInfo [dict get $schPageInfoByPageNum $sortedPageNum]
  10. set lPageNameStr [dict get $schPageInfo PAGE_NAME]
  11. set lPageWidth [dict get $schPageInfo PAGE_WIDTH]
  12. set lPageHeight [dict get $schPageInfo PAGE_HEIGHT]
  14. I get this error on the first set lPageNameStr
  15. [ 1]missing value to go with key