Posted to tcl by kbk at Fri Nov 22 19:21:12 GMT 2019view pretty

I had this warning from valgrind while trying to troubleshoot something else:

==55807== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==55807==    at 0x4C35E20: bcmp (in /usr/lib/valgrind/
==55807==    by 0x4F750AF: TEBCresume (tclExecute.c:5455)
==55807==    by 0x4E88C6D: TclNRRunCallbacks (tclBasic.c:4851)
==55807==    by 0x4E8BA68: TclEvalObjEx (tclBasic.c:6420)
==55807==    by 0x4EB5702: Tcl_TimeObjCmd (tclCmdMZ.c:4094)
==55807==    by 0x4E88BE0: Dispatch (tclBasic.c:4811)
==55807==    by 0x4E88C6D: TclNRRunCallbacks (tclBasic.c:4851)
==55807==    by 0x4E883BA: Tcl_EvalObjv (tclBasic.c:4570)
==55807==    by 0x4E8AD8D: TclEvalEx (tclBasic.c:5722)
==55807==    by 0x4FB3C50: Tcl_FSEvalFileEx (tclIOUtil.c:1786)
==55807==    by 0x4FC204B: Tcl_MainEx (tclMain.c:404)
==55807==    by 0x108A45: main (tclAppInit.c:86)

Testing the branch tip of core-8-branch [789967a8f9]