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Voting is now closed on TIPs 351 and 475.

TIP 351: Add Striding Support to lsearch
    YES: Decoster, Kenny, Kupries, Landers, Nijtmans
    NO: None received
    OTHER: Present (Porter); Ferrieux's ballot did not mention this TIP
TIP 351 PASSES - 5-0 with two abstentions

TIP 475: Add [string insert] Command and C API
    YES: Kenny
    NO: Ferrieux, Porter
    PRESENT: Decoster, Kupries, Landers, Nijtmans
TIP 475 FAILS TO PASS - 1-2, with four abstentions

With the exception of Ferrieux, the general sentiment on TIP 475
appears to be that the script-level API is reasonable, while the
C API and bytecode implementation remain immature. Don
Porter in particular proposes an alternative implementation,
and I urge him to submit a competing TIP when he considers
his alternative ready for consideration.

There is a higher-than-usual chance that I've missed ballots,
because delivery of messages through the SourceForge mailing
lists has been horribly unreliable lately. (In particular, I had
not seen Don's counterproposal, or else I would not have
called the premature vote on TIP 475.) If any TCT member
has a missing ballot, please inform me and I wlll amend
the tallies.

Thanks to all who voted.