Posted to tcl by mjanssen at Tue Sep 18 09:57:53 GMT 2007view raw

  1. $ make test TESTFLAGS="-file ttk.test -debug 3"
  2. Tests running in interp: c:/Temp/tk8.5b1/win/tktest.exe
  3. Tests located in: C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/tests
  4. Tests running in: C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/win
  5. Temporary files stored in C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/win
  6. Test files sourced into current interpreter
  7. Running tests that match: *
  8. Skipping test files that match: l.*.test
  9. Only running test files that match: ttk.test
  10. Tests began at Tue Sep 18 11:53:33 +0200 2007
  12. Tests ended at Tue Sep 18 11:53:33 +0200 2007
  13. all.tcl: Total 0 Passed 0 Skipped 0 Failed 0
  14. Sourced 0 Test Files.
  15. entering testConstraint interactive
  16. entering SafeFetch testConstraints interactive r
  17. entering ConstraintInitializer interactive
  18. entering testConstraint interactive 0
  19. stderr32Tests running in interp: c:/Temp/tk8.5b1/win/tktest.exe
  20. Tests located in: C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/tests/ttk
  21. Tests running in: C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/win
  22. Temporary files stored in C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/win
  23. Test files run in separate interpreters
  24. Running tests that match: *
  25. Skipping test files that match: l.*.test
  26. Only running test files that match: ttk.test
  27. Tests began at Tue Sep 18 11:53:33 +0200 2007
  28. ttk.test
  29. WARNING: unknown option should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -
  30. load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  31. WARNING: unknown option cat32.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -l
  32. oadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  33. WARNING: unknown option config.status: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  34. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  35. WARNING: unknown option should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  36. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  37. WARNING: unknown option libtkstub85.a: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  38. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  39. WARNING: unknown option Makefile: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  40. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  41. WARNING: unknown option should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  42. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  43. WARNING: unknown option mkd.bat: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -l
  44. oadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  45. WARNING: unknown option rc: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -loadfi
  46. le, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  47. WARNING: unknown option rmd.bat: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -l
  48. oadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  49. WARNING: unknown option stubs.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -l
  50. oadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  51. WARNING: unknown option tcl.m4: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -lo
  52. adfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  53. WARNING: unknown option tk.res.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  54. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  55. WARNING: unknown option tk85.dll: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  56. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  57. WARNING: unknown option tkAtom.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  58. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  59. WARNING: unknown option tkBitmap.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  60. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  61. WARNING: unknown option tkCanvArc.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  62. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  63. WARNING: unknown option tkCanvBmap.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  64. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  65. WARNING: unknown option tkCanvLine.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  66. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  67. WARNING: unknown option tkCanvPs.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  68. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  69. WARNING: unknown option tkCanvUtil.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  70. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  71. WARNING: unknown option tkClipboard.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  72. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  73. WARNING: unknown option tkColor.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  74. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  75. WARNING: unknown option should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  76. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  77. WARNING: unknown option tkConsole.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  78. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  79. WARNING: unknown option tkEntry.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  80. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  81. WARNING: unknown option tkEvent.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  82. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  83. WARNING: unknown option tkFocus.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  84. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  85. WARNING: unknown option tkFrame.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  86. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  87. WARNING: unknown option tkGeometry.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  88. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  89. WARNING: unknown option tkGrab.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  90. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  91. WARNING: unknown option tkImage.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  92. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  93. WARNING: unknown option tkImgGIF.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  94. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  95. WARNING: unknown option tkImgPPM.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  96. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  97. WARNING: unknown option tkListbox.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  98. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  99. WARNING: unknown option tkMain.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  100. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  101. WARNING: unknown option tkMenubutton.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  102. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  103. WARNING: unknown option tkMessage.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  104. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  105. WARNING: unknown option tkOldConfig.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  106. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  107. WARNING: unknown option tkOption.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  108. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  109. WARNING: unknown option tkPanedWindow.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -
  110. load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  111. WARNING: unknown option tkPointer.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  112. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  113. WARNING: unknown option tkScale.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  114. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  115. WARNING: unknown option tkSelect.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  116. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  117. WARNING: unknown option tkStubInit.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  118. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  119. WARNING: unknown option tkStyle.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  120. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  121. WARNING: unknown option tkTest.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  122. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  123. WARNING: unknown option tkTextBTree.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  124. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  125. WARNING: unknown option tkTextImage.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  126. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  127. WARNING: unknown option tkTextMark.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  128. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  129. WARNING: unknown option tkTextWind.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  130. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  131. WARNING: unknown option tkUndo.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  132. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  133. WARNING: unknown option tkUnixScale.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  134. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  135. WARNING: unknown option tkVisual.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  136. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  137. WARNING: unknown option tkWin32Dll.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  138. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  139. WARNING: unknown option tkWin3d.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  140. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  141. WARNING: unknown option tkWinButton.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  142. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  143. WARNING: unknown option tkWinClipboard.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints,
  144. -load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  145. WARNING: unknown option tkWinColor.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  146. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  147. WARNING: unknown option tkWinConfig.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  148. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  149. WARNING: unknown option tkWinCursor.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  150. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  151. WARNING: unknown option tkWinDefault.h: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  152. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  153. WARNING: unknown option tkWinDialog.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  154. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  155. WARNING: unknown option tkWinDraw.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  156. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  157. WARNING: unknown option tkWinEmbed.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  158. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  159. WARNING: unknown option tkWinFont.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  160. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  161. WARNING: unknown option tkWinImage.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  162. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  163. WARNING: unknown option tkWinInit.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  164. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  165. WARNING: unknown option tkWinInt.h: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  166. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  167. WARNING: unknown option tkWinKey.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  168. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  169. WARNING: unknown option tkWinMenu.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  170. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  171. WARNING: unknown option tkWinPixmap.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  172. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  173. WARNING: unknown option tkWinPointer.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  174. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  175. WARNING: unknown option tkWinRegion.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  176. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  177. WARNING: unknown option tkWinScrlbr.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  178. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  179. WARNING: unknown option tkWinSend.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  180. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  181. WARNING: unknown option tkWinSendCom.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  182. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  183. WARNING: unknown option tkWinSendCom.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  184. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  185. WARNING: unknown option tkWinTest.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  186. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  187. WARNING: unknown option tkWinWindow.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  188. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  189. WARNING: unknown option tkWinWm.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  190. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  191. WARNING: unknown option tkWinX.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  192. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  193. WARNING: unknown option ttkButton.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  194. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  195. WARNING: unknown option ttkClamTheme.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  196. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  197. WARNING: unknown option ttkDefaultTheme.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints,
  198. -load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  199. WARNING: unknown option ttkEntry.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  200. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  201. WARNING: unknown option ttkImage.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  202. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  203. WARNING: unknown option ttkLabel.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  204. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  205. WARNING: unknown option ttkManager.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  206. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  207. WARNING: unknown option ttkPanedwindow.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints,
  208. -load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  209. WARNING: unknown option ttkScale.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  210. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  211. WARNING: unknown option ttkScrollbar.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  212. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  213. WARNING: unknown option ttkSquare.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  214. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  215. WARNING: unknown option ttkStubInit.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  216. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  217. WARNING: unknown option ttkTagSet.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  218. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  219. WARNING: unknown option ttkTrace.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  220. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  221. WARNING: unknown option ttkTreeview.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  222. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  223. WARNING: unknown option ttkWinMonitor.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -
  224. load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  225. WARNING: unknown option ttkWinTheme.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  226. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  227. WARNING: unknown option ttkWinXPTheme.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -
  228. load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  229. WARNING: unknown option winMain.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  230. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  231. WARNING: unknown option wish.exe.manifest: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints,
  232. -load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  233. WARNING: unknown option wish.res.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  234. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  235. WARNING: unknown option xcolors.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  236. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  237. WARNING: unknown option xgc.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -loa
  238. dfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  239. WARNING: unknown option xutil.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -l
  240. oadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  241. WARNING: unknown option l.*.test: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  242. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  243. WARNING: unknown option 0: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -loadfil
  244. e, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  245. WARNING: unknown option aclocal.m4: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  246. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  247. WARNING: unknown option cat32.exe: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  248. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  249. WARNING: unknown option config.log: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  250. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  251. WARNING: unknown option configure: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  252. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  253. WARNING: unknown option libtk85.a: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  254. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  255. WARNING: unknown option license.terms: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  256. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  257. WARNING: unknown option makefile.bc: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  258. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  259. WARNING: unknown option should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  260. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  261. WARNING: unknown option nmakehlp.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  262. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  263. WARNING: unknown option README: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -lo
  264. adfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  265. WARNING: unknown option should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  266. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  267. WARNING: unknown option stubs.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -l
  268. oadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  269. WARNING: unknown option testMain.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  270. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  271. WARNING: unknown option tk3d.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -lo
  272. adfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  273. WARNING: unknown option tkArgv.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  274. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  275. WARNING: unknown option tkBind.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  276. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  277. WARNING: unknown option tkButton.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  278. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  279. WARNING: unknown option tkCanvas.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  280. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  281. WARNING: unknown option tkCanvImg.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  282. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  283. WARNING: unknown option tkCanvPoly.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  284. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  285. WARNING: unknown option tkCanvText.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  286. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  287. WARNING: unknown option tkCanvWind.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  288. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  289. WARNING: unknown option tkCmds.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  290. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  291. WARNING: unknown option tkConfig.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  292. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  293. WARNING: unknown option should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  294. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  295. WARNING: unknown option tkCursor.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  296. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  297. WARNING: unknown option tkError.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  298. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  299. WARNING: unknown option tkFileFilter.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  300. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  301. WARNING: unknown option tkFont.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  302. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  303. WARNING: unknown option tkGC.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -lo
  304. adfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  305. WARNING: unknown option tkGet.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -l
  306. oadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  307. WARNING: unknown option tkGrid.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  308. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  309. WARNING: unknown option tkImgBmap.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  310. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  311. WARNING: unknown option tkImgPhoto.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  312. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  313. WARNING: unknown option tkImgUtil.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  314. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  315. WARNING: unknown option tkMacWinMenu.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  316. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  317. WARNING: unknown option tkMenu.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  318. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  319. WARNING: unknown option tkMenuDraw.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  320. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  321. WARNING: unknown option tkObj.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -l
  322. oadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  323. WARNING: unknown option tkOldTest.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  324. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  325. WARNING: unknown option tkPack.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  326. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  327. WARNING: unknown option tkPlace.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  328. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  329. WARNING: unknown option tkRectOval.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  330. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  331. WARNING: unknown option tkScrollbar.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  332. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  333. WARNING: unknown option tkSquare.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  334. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  335. WARNING: unknown option tkStubLib.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  336. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  337. WARNING: unknown option tktest.exe: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  338. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  339. WARNING: unknown option tkText.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  340. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  341. WARNING: unknown option tkTextDisp.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  342. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  343. WARNING: unknown option tkTextIndex.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  344. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  345. WARNING: unknown option tkTextTag.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  346. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  347. WARNING: unknown option tkTrig.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  348. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  349. WARNING: unknown option tkUnixMenubu.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  350. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  351. WARNING: unknown option tkUtil.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  352. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  353. WARNING: unknown option tkWin.h: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -l
  354. oadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  355. WARNING: unknown option tkWin32Dll.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  356. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  357. WARNING: unknown option tkWin3d.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  358. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  359. WARNING: unknown option tkWinButton.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  360. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  361. WARNING: unknown option tkWinClipboard.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints,
  362. -load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  363. WARNING: unknown option tkWinColor.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  364. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  365. WARNING: unknown option tkWinConfig.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  366. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  367. WARNING: unknown option tkWinCursor.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  368. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  369. WARNING: unknown option tkWinDialog.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  370. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  371. WARNING: unknown option tkWindow.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  372. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  373. WARNING: unknown option tkWinDraw.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  374. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  375. WARNING: unknown option tkWinEmbed.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  376. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  377. WARNING: unknown option tkWinFont.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  378. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  379. WARNING: unknown option tkWinImage.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  380. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  381. WARNING: unknown option tkWinInit.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  382. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  383. WARNING: unknown option tkWinKey.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  384. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  385. WARNING: unknown option tkWinMenu.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  386. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  387. WARNING: unknown option tkWinPixmap.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  388. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  389. WARNING: unknown option tkWinPointer.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  390. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  391. WARNING: unknown option tkWinPort.h: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  392. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  393. WARNING: unknown option tkWinRegion.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  394. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  395. WARNING: unknown option tkWinScrlbr.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  396. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  397. WARNING: unknown option tkWinSend.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  398. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  399. WARNING: unknown option tkWinSendCom.h: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  400. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  401. WARNING: unknown option tkWinTest.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  402. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  403. WARNING: unknown option tkWinWindow.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  404. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  405. WARNING: unknown option tkWinWm.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  406. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  407. WARNING: unknown option tkWinX.c: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  408. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  409. WARNING: unknown option ttkBlink.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  410. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  411. WARNING: unknown option ttkCache.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  412. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  413. WARNING: unknown option ttkClassicTheme.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints,
  414. -load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  415. WARNING: unknown option ttkElements.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  416. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  417. WARNING: unknown option ttkFrame.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  418. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  419. WARNING: unknown option ttkInit.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  420. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  421. WARNING: unknown option ttkLayout.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  422. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  423. WARNING: unknown option ttkNotebook.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  424. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  425. WARNING: unknown option ttkProgress.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  426. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  427. WARNING: unknown option ttkScroll.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  428. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  429. WARNING: unknown option ttkSeparator.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -l
  430. oad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  431. WARNING: unknown option ttkState.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  432. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  433. WARNING: unknown option ttkStubLib.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -loa
  434. d, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  435. WARNING: unknown option ttkTheme.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  436. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  437. WARNING: unknown option ttkTrack.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  438. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  439. WARNING: unknown option ttkWidget.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load
  440. , -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  441. WARNING: unknown option ttkWinMonitor.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -
  442. load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  443. WARNING: unknown option ttkWinTheme.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -lo
  444. ad, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  445. WARNING: unknown option ttkWinXPTheme.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -
  446. load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  447. WARNING: unknown option winMain.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  448. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  449. WARNING: unknown option should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstrain
  450. ts, -load, -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  451. WARNING: unknown option wish85.exe: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load,
  452. -loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  453. WARNING: unknown option xdraw.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -l
  454. oadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  455. WARNING: unknown option ximage.o: should be one of -asidefromdir, -constraints, -debug, -errfile, -file, -limitconstraints, -load, -
  456. loadfile, -match, -notfile, -outfile, -preservecore, -relateddir, -singleproc, -skip, -testdir, -tmpdir, or -verbose
  457. Flags passed into tcltest:
  458. argv: -asidefromdir {} -constraints {} -debug 3 -errfile stderr -file ttk.test -limitconstraints 0 -load {} -loadfile {} -match
  459. aclocal.m4 cat32.exe cat32.o config.log config.status configure libtk85.a libtkstub85.a license.terms M
  460. akefile makefile.bc mkd.bat nmakehlp.c rc README rmd.bat stubs.c stubs.o tcl.m4 testMain.o tk.res.o
  461. tk3d.o tk85.dll tkArgv.o tkAtom.o tkBind.o tkBitmap.o tkButton.o tkCanvArc.o tkCanvas.o tkCanvBmap.o tkCanvImg.o tkCanvLine.o tkCan
  462. vPoly.o tkCanvPs.o tkCanvText.o tkCanvUtil.o tkCanvWind.o tkClipboard.o tkCmds.o tkColor.o tkConfig.o tkC
  463. onsole.o tkCursor.o tkEntry.o tkError.o tkEvent.o tkFileFilter.o tkFocus.o tkFont.o tkFrame.o tkGC.o tkGeometry.o tkGet.o tkGrab.o t
  464. kGrid.o tkImage.o tkImgBmap.o tkImgGIF.o tkImgPhoto.o tkImgPPM.o tkImgUtil.o tkListbox.o tkMacWinMenu.o tkMain.o tkMenu.o tkMenubutt
  465. on.o tkMenuDraw.o tkMessage.o tkObj.o tkOldConfig.o tkOldTest.o tkOption.o tkPack.o tkPanedWindow.o tkPlace.o tkPointer.o tkRectOval
  466. .o tkScale.o tkScrollbar.o tkSelect.o tkSquare.o tkStubInit.o tkStubLib.o tkStyle.o tktest.exe tkTest.o tkText.o tkTextBTree.o tkTex
  467. tDisp.o tkTextImage.o tkTextIndex.o tkTextMark.o tkTextTag.o tkTextWind.o tkTrig.o tkUndo.o tkUnixMenubu.o tkUnixScale.o tkUtil.o tk
  468. Visual.o tkWin.h tkWin32Dll.c tkWin32Dll.o tkWin3d.c tkWin3d.o tkWinButton.c tkWinButton.o tkWinClipboard.c tkWinClipboard.o tkWinCo
  469. lor.c tkWinColor.o tkWinConfig.c tkWinConfig.o tkWinCursor.c tkWinCursor.o tkWinDefault.h tkWinDialog.c tkWinDialog.o tkWindow.o tkW
  470. inDraw.c tkWinDraw.o tkWinEmbed.c tkWinEmbed.o tkWinFont.c tkWinFont.o tkWinImage.c tkWinImage.o tkWinInit.c tkWinInit.o tkWinInt.h
  471. tkWinKey.c tkWinKey.o tkWinMenu.c tkWinMenu.o tkWinPixmap.c tkWinPixmap.o tkWinPointer.c tkWinPointer.o tkWinPort.h tkWinRegion.c tk
  472. WinRegion.o tkWinScrlbr.c tkWinScrlbr.o tkWinSend.c tkWinSend.o tkWinSendCom.c tkWinSendCom.h tkWinSendCom.o tkWinTest.c tkWinTest.o
  473. tkWinWindow.c tkWinWindow.o tkWinWm.c tkWinWm.o tkWinX.c tkWinX.o ttkBlink.o ttkButton.o ttkCache.o ttkClamTheme.o ttkClassicTheme.
  474. o ttkDefaultTheme.o ttkElements.o ttkEntry.o ttkFrame.o ttkImage.o ttkInit.o ttkLabel.o ttkLayout.o ttkManager.o ttkNotebook.o ttkPa
  475. nedwindow.o ttkProgress.o ttkScale.o ttkScroll.o ttkScrollbar.o ttkSeparator.o ttkSquare.o ttkState.o ttkStubInit.o ttkStubLib.o ttk
  476. TagSet.o ttkTheme.o ttkTrace.o ttkTrack.o ttkTreeview.o ttkWidget.o ttkWinMonitor.c ttkWinMonitor.o ttkWinTheme.c ttkWinTheme.o ttkW
  477. inXPTheme.c ttkWinXPTheme.o winMain.c winMain.o wish.exe.manifest wish.res.o wish85.exe xcolors.o xdraw.o xgc.o
  478. ximage.o xutil.o -notfile l.*.test -preservecore 0 -relateddir aclocal.m4 cat32.exe cat32.o config.log config.statu
  479. s configure libtk85.a libtkstub85.a license.terms Makefile makefile.bc mkd.bat nmakehlp.c rc RE
  480. ADME rmd.bat stubs.c stubs.o tcl.m4 testMain.o tk.res.o tk3d.o tk85.dll tkArgv.o tkAtom.o tkBind.o tkBitmap.o tkButton.o tk
  481. CanvArc.o tkCanvas.o tkCanvBmap.o tkCanvImg.o tkCanvLine.o tkCanvPoly.o tkCanvPs.o tkCanvText.o tkCanvUtil.o tkCanvWind.o tkClipboar
  482. d.o tkCmds.o tkColor.o tkConfig.o tkConsole.o tkCursor.o tkEntry.o tkError.o tkEvent.o tkFileFilter.o tkF
  483. ocus.o tkFont.o tkFrame.o tkGC.o tkGeometry.o tkGet.o tkGrab.o tkGrid.o tkImage.o tkImgBmap.o tkImgGIF.o tkImgPhoto.o tkImgPPM.o tkI
  484. mgUtil.o tkListbox.o tkMacWinMenu.o tkMain.o tkMenu.o tkMenubutton.o tkMenuDraw.o tkMessage.o tkObj.o tkOldConfig.o tkOldTest.o tkOp
  485. tion.o tkPack.o tkPanedWindow.o tkPlace.o tkPointer.o tkRectOval.o tkScale.o tkScrollbar.o tkSelect.o tkSquare.o tkStubInit.o tkStub
  486. Lib.o tkStyle.o tktest.exe tkTest.o tkText.o tkTextBTree.o tkTextDisp.o tkTextImage.o tkTextIndex.o tkTextMark.o tkTextTag.o tkTextW
  487. ind.o tkTrig.o tkUndo.o tkUnixMenubu.o tkUnixScale.o tkUtil.o tkVisual.o tkWin.h tkWin32Dll.c tkWin32Dll.o tkWin3d.c tkWin3d.o tkWin
  488. Button.c tkWinButton.o tkWinClipboard.c tkWinClipboard.o tkWinColor.c tkWinColor.o tkWinConfig.c tkWinConfig.o tkWinCursor.c tkWinCu
  489. rsor.o tkWinDefault.h tkWinDialog.c tkWinDialog.o tkWindow.o tkWinDraw.c tkWinDraw.o tkWinEmbed.c tkWinEmbed.o tkWinFont.c tkWinFont
  490. .o tkWinImage.c tkWinImage.o tkWinInit.c tkWinInit.o tkWinInt.h tkWinKey.c tkWinKey.o tkWinMenu.c tkWinMenu.o tkWinPixmap.c tkWinPix
  491. map.o tkWinPointer.c tkWinPointer.o tkWinPort.h tkWinRegion.c tkWinRegion.o tkWinScrlbr.c tkWinScrlbr.o tkWinSend.c tkWinSend.o tkWi
  492. nSendCom.c tkWinSendCom.h tkWinSendCom.o tkWinTest.c tkWinTest.o tkWinWindow.c tkWinWindow.o tkWinWm.c tkWinWm.o tkWinX.c tkWinX.o t
  493. tkBlink.o ttkButton.o ttkCache.o ttkClamTheme.o ttkClassicTheme.o ttkDefaultTheme.o ttkElements.o ttkEntry.o ttkFrame.o ttkImage.o t
  494. tkInit.o ttkLabel.o ttkLayout.o ttkManager.o ttkNotebook.o ttkPanedwindow.o ttkProgress.o ttkScale.o ttkScroll.o ttkScrollbar.o ttkS
  495. eparator.o ttkSquare.o ttkState.o ttkStubInit.o ttkStubLib.o ttkTagSet.o ttkTheme.o ttkTrace.o ttkTrack.o ttkTreeview.o ttkWidget.o
  496. ttkWinMonitor.c ttkWinMonitor.o ttkWinTheme.c ttkWinTheme.o ttkWinXPTheme.c ttkWinXPTheme.o winMain.c winMain.o wish.exe.manifest wi
  497. wish.res.o wish85.exe xcolors.o xdraw.o xgc.o ximage.o xutil.o -singleproc 0 -skip {} -testdir C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/te
  498. sts/ttk -tmpdir C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/win -verbose {body error}
  499. tcltest::debug = 3
  500. tcltest::testsDirectory = C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/tests/ttk
  501. tcltest::workingDirectory = C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/win
  502. tcltest::temporaryDirectory = C:/Temp/tk8.5b1/win
  503. tcltest::outputChannel = stdout
  504. tcltest::errorChannel = stderr
  505. Original environment (tcltest::originalEnv):
  506. originalEnv(!::) = ::\
  507. originalEnv(ALLUSERSPROFILE) = C:\Documents and Settings\All Users
  508. originalEnv(APPDATA) = C:\Documents and Settings\nlv18605\Application Data
  509. originalEnv(COMMONPROGRAMFILES) = C:\Program Files\Common Files
  510. originalEnv(COMPUTERNAME) = NLVNYMAC01DT597
  511. originalEnv(COMSPEC) = C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe
  512. originalEnv(CONFIG_SITE) = C:/msys/etc/
  513. originalEnv(FP_NO_HOST_CHECK) = NO
  514. originalEnv(HISTFILE) = h:/Data/.bash_history
  515. originalEnv(HOME) = h:\Data
  516. originalEnv(HOMEDRIVE) = \\
  517. originalEnv(HOMEPATH) = NLVNYMAC01MSV01\nlv18605$
  518. originalEnv(HOMESHARE) = \\NLVNYMAC01MSV01\nlv18605$
  519. originalEnv(HOSTNAME) = NLVNYMAC01DT597
  520. originalEnv(HOSTTYPE) = i686
  521. originalEnv(LOGNAME) = nlv18605
  522. originalEnv(LOGONSERVER) = \\NLVNYMAC01DC001
  523. originalEnv(MACHTYPE) = i686-pc-msys
  524. originalEnv(MAKEFLAGS) = --unix -- TESTFLAGS=-file\ ttk.test\ -debug\ 3
  525. originalEnv(MAKELEVEL) = 1
  526. originalEnv(MAKEOVERRIDES) = ${-*-command-variables-*-}
  527. originalEnv(MAKE_MODE) = unix
  528. originalEnv(MFLAGS) = - --unix
  529. originalEnv(MSYSTEM) = MINGW32
  530. originalEnv(NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS) = 1
  531. originalEnv(OS) = Windows_NT
  532. originalEnv(OSTYPE) = msys
  533. originalEnv(PATH) = c:/Temp/tcl8.5b1/win;.;C:/msys/local/bin;C:/msys/mingw/bin;C:/msys/bin;c:/WINDOWS/system32;c:/
  534. WINDOWS;c:/WINDOWS/System32/Wbem;c:/Program Files/oracle/jre/1.3.1/bin/;c:/oracle/ora92/bin/;c:/Program Files/Oracle/jre/1.1.8/bin/;
  535. h:/application_data/notes;c:/Program Files/Git/usr/bin;c:/Mercurial;c:/tcl/bin;C:/msys/bin
  536. originalEnv(PATHEXT) = .COM;.EXE;.BAT;.CMD;.VBS;.VBE;.JS;.JSE;.WSF;.WSH
  537. originalEnv(PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE) = x86
  538. originalEnv(PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER) = x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4, GenuineIntel
  539. originalEnv(PROCESSOR_LEVEL) = 15
  540. originalEnv(PROCESSOR_REVISION) = 0304
  541. originalEnv(PROGRAMFILES) = C:\Program Files
  542. originalEnv(PWD) = c:/Temp/tk8.5b1/win
  543. originalEnv(RX_DISPLAY) = 0
  544. originalEnv(SESSIONNAME) = Console
  545. originalEnv(SHELL) = C:/msys/bin/sh
  546. originalEnv(SHLVL) = 2
  547. originalEnv(SYSTEMDRIVE) = C:
  548. originalEnv(SYSTEMROOT) = C:\WINDOWS
  549. originalEnv(TCL_LIBRARY) = c:/Temp/tcl8.5b1/library
  550. originalEnv(TEMP) = C:\DOCUME~1\nlv18605\LOCALS~1\Temp
  551. originalEnv(TERM) = cygwin
  552. originalEnv(TESTFLAGS) = -file ttk.test -debug 3
  553. originalEnv(TK_LIBRARY) = ./../library
  554. originalEnv(TMP) = C:\DOCUME~1\nlv18605\LOCALS~1\Temp
  556. originalEnv(USERDOMAIN) = CODE1
  557. originalEnv(USERNAME) = nlv18605
  558. originalEnv(USERPROFILE) = C:\Documents and Settings\nlv18605
  559. originalEnv(WINDIR) = C:\WINDOWS
  560. originalEnv(_) = ./tktest.exe
  561. Constraints:
  562. test ttk-6.1 -body {
  563. pack [ttk::checkbutton .sd -text "Self-destruction" -variable ::sd]
  564. trace variable sd w [list selfdestruct .sd]
  565. update
  566. .sd invoke
  567. } -returnCodes 1
  568. test ttk-6.2 -body {
  569. winfo exists .sd
  570. } -result 0
  571. test ttk-6.3 -body {
  572. interp create foo
  573. foo eval { if {[catch {package require Tk}]} { load {} Tk } }
  574. foo eval { destroy . }
  575. interp delete foo
  576. }
  577. test ttk-6.4 -body {
  578. trace variable OUCH r { kill.b }
  579. proc kill.b {args} { destroy .b }
  580. pack [ttk::checkbutton .b]
  581. .b configure -variable OUCH
  582. # At this point, .b should be gone.
  583. .b invoke
  584. list [set OUCH] [winfo exists .b]
  585. # Mostly we just care that we haven't crashed the interpreter.
  586. #
  587. } -returnCodes error -match glob -result *
  588. test ttk-6.5 -body {
  589. foreach class {ttk::button ttk::checkbutton ttk::radiobutton} {
  590. $class .b1 -textvariable V
  591. set V "asdf"
  592. destroy .b1
  593. set V ""
  594. }
  595. }
  596. test ttk-6.6 -body {
  597. pack [ttk::button .b1 -text Hi!]
  598. ttk::style configure TButton -foreground badColor
  599. event generate .b1 <Expose>
  600. update
  601. ttk::style configure TButton -foreground black
  602. destroy .b1
  603. set ::bgerror
  604. } -result {unknown color name "badColor"}
  605. test ttk-6.7 -body {
  606. foreach widget {
  607. button checkbutton radiobutton sizegrip separator notebook
  608. progressbar panedwindow scrollbar
  609. } {
  610. ttk::$widget .w
  611. pack .w
  612. destroy .w
  613. }
  614. }
  615. test ttk-6.8 -body {
  616. ttk::button .b -command ".b configure -command {}; set ::A {it worked}"
  617. .b invoke
  618. destroy .b
  619. set ::A
  620. } -result {it worked}
  621. test ttk-6.9 -setup {
  622. ttk::style theme create badfont -settings {
  623. ttk::style configure . -font {Helvetica 12 Bogus}
  624. }
  625. ttk::style theme use badfont
  626. } -cleanup {
  627. ttk::style theme use default
  628. } -body {
  629. pack [ttk::label .l -text Hi! -font {}]
  630. event generate .l <Expose>
  631. update
  632. destroy .l
  633. set ::bgerror
  634. } -result {unknown font style "Bogus"}
  635. test ttk-1.1 -body {
  636. pack [ttk::button .t] -expand true -fill both
  637. update
  638. }
  639. test ttk-1.2 -body {
  640. .t cget -style
  641. } -result {}
  642. test ttk-1.4 -body {
  643. .t cget -style
  644. } -result {}
  645. test ttk-2.0 -body {
  646. checkstate .t
  647. } -result {1 0 0 0 0 0}
  648. test ttk-2.1 -body {
  649. .t state active
  650. } -result !active
  651. test ttk-2.2 -body {
  652. checkstate .t
  653. } -result {0 0 1 0 1 0}
  654. test ttk-2.3 -body {
  655. .t state {!active disabled}
  656. } -result {active !disabled}
  657. test ttk-2.4 -body {
  658. checkstate .t
  659. } -result {0 1 0 0 0 1}
  660. test ttk-2.5 -body {
  661. .t state !disabled
  662. } -result disabled
  663. test ttk-2.6 -body {
  664. set x 0
  665. .t instate disabled { set x 1 }
  666. set x
  667. } -result 0
  668. test ttk-2.7 -body {
  669. set x 0
  670. .t instate !disabled { set x 1 }
  671. set x
  672. } -result 1
  673. test ttk-3.0 -body {
  674. ttk::button .bad -badoption foo
  675. } -returnCodes 1 -result {unknown option "-badoption"} -match glob
  676. test ttk-3.1 -body {
  677. .bad state disabled
  678. } -returnCodes 1 -result {invalid command name ".bad"} -match glob
  679. test ttk-3.2 -body {
  680. set A 0
  681. trace add variable A write {error "failure" ;# }
  682. ttk::checkbutton .cb -variable A
  683. .cb invoke
  684. } -cleanup {
  685. unset ::A ; destroy .cb
  686. } -returnCodes error -result {can't set "A": failure}
  687. test ttk-4.0 -body {
  688. catch { destroy .t }
  689. pack [ttk::label .t -text "Button 1"]
  690. testConstraint fontOption [expr ![catch { set prevFont [.t cget -font] }]]
  691. ok
  692. }
  693. test ttk-4.1 -constraints fontOption -body {
  694. .t configure -font "Helvetica 18 bold"
  695. }
  696. test ttk-4.2 -constraints fontOption -body {
  697. .t cget -font
  698. } -result {Helvetica 18 bold}
  699. test ttk-4.3 -constraints fontOption -body {
  700. .t configure -font $prevFont
  701. }
  702. test ttk-4.4 -body {
  703. ttk::style theme settings alt {
  704. ttk::style configure TButton -font {Bad font}
  705. # @@@ it would be best to raise an error at this point,
  706. # @@@ but that's not really feasible in the current framework.
  707. }
  708. pack [ttk::button .tb1 -text "Ouch"]
  709. ttk::style theme use alt
  710. update;
  711. # As long as we haven't crashed, everything's OK
  712. ttk::style theme settings alt {
  713. ttk::style configure TButton -font TkDefaultFont
  714. }
  715. ttk::style theme use default
  716. destroy .tb1
  717. }
  718. test ttk-5.1 -body {
  719. pack [ttk::checkbutton .cb -text "TCheckbutton" -variable cb]
  720. }
  721. test ttk-5.2 -body {
  722. .cb invoke
  723. list [set ::cb] [.cb instate selected]
  724. } -result {1 1}
  725. test ttk-5.3 -body {
  726. .cb invoke
  727. list [set ::cb] [.cb instate selected]
  728. } -result {0 0}
  729. test ttk-5.4 -body {
  730. set result []
  731. set ::cb 1
  732. lappend result [.cb instate selected]
  733. set ::cb 0
  734. lappend result [.cb instate selected]
  735. } -result {1 0}
  736. test ttk-5.5 -body {
  737. set result []
  738. unset ::cb
  739. lappend result [.cb instate alternate] [info exists ::cb]
  740. set ::cb 1
  741. lappend result [.cb instate alternate] [info exists ::cb]
  742. } -result {1 0 0 1}
  743. test ttk-5.6 -body {
  744. destroy .cb ; unset -nocomplain {} ; set result [list]
  745. ttk::checkbutton .cb -onvalue on -offvalue off
  746. lappend result [.cb cget -variable] [info exists .cb] [.cb state]
  747. .cb invoke
  748. lappend result [info exists .cb] [set .cb] [.cb state]
  749. .cb invoke
  750. lappend result [info exists .cb] [set .cb] [.cb state]
  751. } -result {.cb 0 alternate 1 on selected 1 off {}}
  752. test ttk-7.1 -body {
  753. pack [ttk::radiobutton .rb1 -text "One" -variable choice -value 1] [ttk::radiobutton .rb2 -text "Two" -variable choice -value
  754. 2] [ttk::radiobutton .rb3 -text "Three" -variable choice -value 3] ;
  755. }
  756. test ttk-7.2 -body {
  757. .rb1 invoke
  758. set ::choice
  759. } -result 1
  760. test ttk-7.3 -body {
  761. .rb1 instate selected
  762. } -result 1
  763. test ttk-7.4 -body {
  764. .rb2 invoke
  765. set ::choice
  766. } -result 2
  767. test ttk-7.5 -body {
  768. .rb2 instate selected
  769. } -result 1
  770. test ttk-7.6 -body {
  771. .rb1 instate selected
  772. } -result 0
  773. test ttk-7.7 -body {
  774. unset ::choice
  775. list [info exists ::choice] [.rb1 instate alternate] [.rb2 instate alternate]
  776. } -result {0 1 1}
  777. test ttk-7.8 -body {
  778. set ::choice 2
  779. list [info exists ::choice] [.rb1 instate alternate] [.rb2 instate alternate]
  780. } -result {1 0 0}
  781. test ttk-8.0 -body {
  782. ttk::button .ctb
  783. image create photo icon -data $::iconData;
  784. pack .ctb
  785. }
  786. test ttk-8.1 -body {
  787. # Exhaustively test each combination.
  788. # Main goal is to make sure no code paths crash.
  789. foreach image {icon ""} {
  790. foreach text {"Hi!" ""} {
  791. foreach compound $::compoundStrings {
  792. .ctb configure -image $image -text $text -compound $compound
  793. update; tick
  794. }
  795. }
  796. }
  797. }
  798. test ttk-8.2 -body {
  799. button .rtb
  800. pack .rtb
  802. foreach image {"" icon} {
  803. foreach text {"Hi!" ""} {
  804. foreach compound [lrange $::compoundStrings 2 end] {
  805. .rtb configure -image $image -text $text -compound $compound
  806. update; tick
  807. }
  808. }
  809. }
  810. }
  811. test ttk-8.3 -body {
  812. foreach image {icon ""} {
  813. foreach text {"Hi!" ""} {
  814. foreach compound $::compoundStrings {
  815. .ctb configure -image $image -text $text -compound $compound
  816. update; tick
  817. }
  818. }
  819. }
  820. }
  821. test ttk-8.4 -body {
  822. ttk::button .b -image icon
  823. icon blank
  824. } -cleanup { destroy .b }
  825. test ttk-9.1 -body {
  826. ttk::checkbutton .tcb -variable foo::bar
  827. } -returnCodes 1 -result {*parent namespace doesn't exist*} -match glob
  828. test ttk-9.2 -body {
  829. ttk::checkbutton .tcb -variable X
  830. .tcb configure -variable foo::bar
  831. } -returnCodes 1 -result {*parent namespace doesn't exist*} -match glob
  832. test ttk-9.3 -body {
  833. .tcb cget -variable
  834. } -result X
  835. test ttk-9.4 -body {
  836. set tcbLabel "Testing..."
  837. .tcb configure -textvariable tcbLabel
  838. .tcb cget -text
  839. } -result Testing...
  840. test ttk-9.5 -body {
  841. .tcb configure -text "Changed -text"
  842. .tcb cget -text
  843. } -result Testing...
  844. test ttk-9.6 -body {
  845. unset tcbLabel
  846. list [info exists tcbLabel] [.tcb cget -text]
  847. } -result {0 {}}
  848. test ttk-9.7 -body {
  849. #
  850. # NB: the ttk label behaves differently from the standard label here;
  851. # NB: this is on purpose: I believe the standard behaviour is the Wrong Thing
  852. #
  853. unset -nocomplain V1 V2
  854. label .l -text Foo ; ttk::label .tl -text Foo
  856. .l configure -textvariable V1 ; .tl configure -textvariable V2
  857. list [set V1] [info exists V2]
  858. } -cleanup { destroy .l .tl } -result {Foo 0}
  859. test ttk-9.8 -body {
  860. ttk::label .tl -textvariable TV
  861. set TV Foo
  862. .tl configure -text Bar
  863. .tl cget -text
  864. } -cleanup { destroy .tl } -result Foo
  865. test ttk-10.1 -body {
  866. ttk::frame .f -class Foo
  867. } -result .f
  868. test ttk-10.2 -body {
  869. winfo class .f
  870. } -result Foo
  871. test ttk-10.3 -body {
  872. .f cget -class
  873. } -result Foo
  874. test ttk-10.4 -body {
  875. .f configure -class Bar
  876. } -returnCodes 1 -match glob -result {*read-only option*}
  877. test ttk-10.5 -body {
  878. .f cget -class
  879. } -result Foo
  880. test ttk-11.1 -body {
  881. ttk::button .b
  882. .b instate disabled
  883. } -result 0
  884. test ttk-11.2 -body {
  885. .b configure -state disabled
  886. .b instate disabled
  887. } -result 1
  888. test ttk-11.3 -body {
  889. .b configure -state normal
  890. .b instate disabled
  891. } -result 0
  892. test ttk-11.4 -body {
  893. .b configure -state bogus
  894. .b state
  895. } -result {}
  896. test ttk-11.5 -body {
  897. .b configure -state active
  898. .b state
  899. } -result active -cleanup { .b state !active }
  900. test ttk-11.6 -body {
  901. .b configure -state readonly
  902. .b state
  903. } -result readonly -cleanup { .b state !readonly }
  904. test ttk-11.7 -body {
  905. destroy .b
  906. }
  907. test ttk-12.1 -body {
  908. ttk::button .b
  909. .b cget -cursor
  910. } -result {}
  911. test ttk-12.2 -body {
  912. .b configure -cursor arrow
  913. .b cget -cursor
  914. } -result arrow
  915. test ttk-12.3 -body {
  916. destroy .t
  917. toplevel .t
  918. raise .t
  919. pack [set t [ttk::frame .t.f]] -expand true -fill x ;
  920. pack [ttk::label $t.l -text "ASDF QWERTY"] -expand true -fill both
  921. foreach theme {default alt} {
  922. ttk::style theme use $theme
  923. foreach relief {flat raised sunken ridge groove solid} {
  924. $t configure -relief $relief
  925. for {set i 5} {$i >= 0} {incr i -1} {
  926. $t configure -borderwidth $i
  927. update
  928. }
  929. }
  930. }
  931. }
  932. test ttk-12.4 -body {
  933. .t.f configure -relief raised
  934. .t.f configure -borderwidth 1
  935. ttk::style theme use alt
  936. update
  937. }
  938. test ttk-13.1 -body {
  939. ttk::button .tb1 -style badstyle
  940. } -returnCodes 1 -result {*badstyle not found*} -match glob
  941. test ttk-13.4 -body {
  942. ttk::button .tb1
  943. .tb1 configure -style badstyle
  944. } -cleanup {
  945. destroy .tb1
  946. } -returnCodes 1 -result {*badstyle not found*} -match glob
  947. test ttk-13.5 -body {
  948. ttk::style layout badstyle {
  949. NoSuchElement
  950. }
  951. ttk::button .tb1 -style badstyle
  952. } -cleanup {
  953. destroy .tb1
  954. } -result .tb1
  955. test ttk-14.1 -body {
  956. ttk::checkbutton .tw -variable ::nsn::foo
  957. } -returnCodes 1 -result {can't trace *: parent namespace doesn't exist} -match glob -cleanup { destroy .tw }
  958. test ttk-14.2 -body {
  959. ttk::label .tw -textvariable ::nsn::foo
  960. } -returnCodes 1 -result {can't trace *: parent namespace doesn't exist} -match glob -cleanup { destroy .tw }
  961. test ttk-14.3 -body {
  962. ttk::entry .tw -textvariable ::nsn::foo
  963. } -returnCodes 1 -result {can't trace *: parent namespace doesn't exist} -match glob -cleanup { destroy .tw }
  964. entering testConstraint interactive
  965. entering SafeFetch testConstraints interactive r
  966. entering ConstraintInitializer interactive
  967. entering testConstraint interactive 0
  969. Tests ended at Tue Sep 18 11:53:39 +0200 2007
  970. all.tcl: Total 77 Passed 0 Skipped 77 Failed 0
  971. Sourced 1 Test Files.
  972. Number of tests skipped for each constraint:
  973. 77 userSpecifiedNonMatch
  974. entering testConstraint interactive
  975. entering SafeFetch testConstraints interactive r
  976. entering ConstraintInitializer interactive
  977. entering testConstraint interactive 0
  978. stderr32