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  1. Here's a test of any GUI development method.
  2. Start with something simple: three buttons in a frame, laid-out horizontally.
  3. Then perform the following steps, one at a time:
  4. - Add another row containing two buttons, with all their attributes and events/commands.
  5. - Lay out all the buttons vertically.
  6. - Lay out only the first two vertically, with the rest laid-out horizontally.
  7. - Lay out the buttons in groups of two, horizontally.
  8. - Change all the texts of the buttons.
  9. - Remove two buttons.
  10. - Make the layout completely horizontal.
  11. - Change the text of half of the buttons.
  12. - Remove another button.
  13. - Change the event/commands of the remaining two buttons.
  14. - Add back one of the original buttons that was removed in a prior step.
  15. If this becomes a tedious slog then I'd argue that the chosen GUI development method is poor.