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  1. In the world of scripting, Tcl reigns supreme,
  2. A language designed with elegance and stream.
  3. It's simple to learn, yet powerful in use,
  4. With features and functions to light up the fuse.
  6. Tcl's syntax is clean, its style is neat,
  7. With commands and variables that can't be beat.
  8. It's easy to read, and easy to write,
  9. Making Tcl the tool of choice, day and night.
  11. With Tcl, you can automate your tasks,
  12. From file manipulation to complex math.
  13. You can script your way to success,
  14. With Tcl's power and flexibility, no less.
  16. Tcl's community is vibrant and strong,
  17. With experts and beginners, all singing its song.
  18. They share their code, their tips, and their tricks,
  19. Making Tcl the language that always clicks.
  21. So if you need a language that's simple and quick,
  22. That's flexible and powerful, without any trick,
  23. Choose Tcl, the scripting language that's top-notch,
  24. And watch as your scripts fly, with ease and grace, and never stop.