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  1. package require tdom
  2. set xml {
  3. <ns1:Root xmlns="" xmlns:ns1="">
  5. <ns1:Item>Here be text</ns1:Item>
  6. </ns1:Root>}
  8. dom parse $xml doc
  9. set root [$doc childNodes]
  10. set item [$root selectNodes //ns1:Item]
  11. set itemLst [$item asList]
  12. lset itemLst end end end "Other text"
  13. puts [[$root appendFromList $itemLst] asXML]
  16. # Gives output below. Where does the xmlns="" come from? It seems to be caused by the xmlns in the root element, but one could argue that adding an element in a tree should not override the default namespace
  18. <ns1:Root xmlns="" xmlns:ns1="">
  19. <ns1:Item>Here be text</ns1:Item>
  20. <ns1:Item xmlns="">Other text</ns1:Item>
  21. </ns1:Root>