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  method DoOutput {} {
    my variable reply_body chan
    if {$chan eq {}} return
    catch {
      # Causing random issues. Technically a socket is always open for read and write
      # anyway
      #my wait writable $chan
      chan configure $chan -encoding utf-8 -translation {auto crlf}
      # Return dynamic content
      set length [string length $reply_body]
      if {${length} > 0} {
        # Causing issues with Safari. When transmitting UTF-8 encoded data there seems
        # to be a disagreement about the actual length, and text files are being truncated
        my reply set Content-Length $length
        chan puts $chan [my reply output]
        chan configure $chan -encoding utf-8 -translation binary
        chan puts $chan [encoding convertto utf-8 $reply_body]
      } else {
        chan puts $chan [my reply output]
      catch {chan flush $chan}
      my log HttpAccess {}