Posted to tcl by centrix at Wed Sep 25 07:28:34 GMT 2019view pretty

## The below text is the application log written through the ::writeToUserLog global procedure:
09/25/2019 08:46:45|INFO|main|Application start.
09/25/2019 08:46:49|INFO|main|Loading application components..
09/25/2019 08:47:21|INFO|main|Creating the application..
09/25/2019 08:51:37|INFO|::readSettings|Reading settings.
09/25/2019 08:51:37|INFO|main|Application start.
09/25/2019 08:51:41|INFO|main|Loading application components..
09/25/2019 08:52:07|INFO|main|Creating the application..
09/25/2019 08:52:52|INFO|main|Getting user data.