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  1. Title: {New Crew Member Information}
  2. Class: {wiki}
  3. Date: {Tue Jun 18 14:17:57 EDT 2019}
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  5. Format: {clay}
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  7. --- BEGIN CONTENT ---
  8. my tag H1 content {Welcome Aboard!}
  9. para {
  10. As you are reading this you are either graduating member of our on-board Colonist Academy
  11. or a Specialist emerging from your Inception Pod. We have included virtually everything
  12. you will need to know about living aboard our ship here as a guide for newcomers as well
  13. as a handy reminder for old salts. Please check back regularly as we are continually
  14. updating the content.
  15. }
  16. set root /[my request get REQUEST_PATH]
  17. ::iliad::listing [self] $root [my request get LOCAL_DIR]