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# Build on a class that has been created in C
# C defines the following:
# Configure_Dump - Return a dict of the current state
# Configure_Get  - Return a single value from the current state
# Configure_Set  - Set a new value for the current state
# Configure_Delta - Return a list of all of the values that have a script
#                   binding and were modified since the last call to Configure_Delta
oo::define oo::class {
  method configure args {
    if {[llength $args]==0} {
      tailcall my Configure_Dump
    if {[llength $args]==1} {
      tailcall my Configure_Get [lindex $args 0]
    foreach {key value} $args {
      my Configure_Set $key $value
    foreach {key value script} [my Configure_Delta] {
      eval [string map [list %field% $field %value% $value %self% [self]] $script]
  method cget field {
    tailcall my Configure_Get $field