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  1. Hello George,
  3. I have given the last state of blt from sourceforge a try under windows.
  4. I have used the following msys/mingw:
  5. - mingw:
  6. - msys:
  7. To compile it I have done the following changes:
  8. - bltTkWin.h
  9. line 105: #define Status int doesnt compile. I have removed the line. Is it needed?
  10. - bltPictText.c:
  11. ifdefd out because FT-functions not found.
  13. I'm building within a tclkit environment (kbs). I start the tclkit and then "package require BLT"
  15. To use the resulting blt-libraries I had to provide:
  16. - libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll
  17. Don't know why it is needed.
  18. - tk86.dll
  19. Tk is already built in the tclkit. And I think blt will be built with tkstubs. So why is these dll needed and tcl86.dll is not?
  20. Is there a way to build blt as loadable package without the use of tcl86.ddl and tk86.dll? Only then I can do more testing.
  22. After that I could display a graph widget.
  24. Should I create a ticket regarding the current state?