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#! /usr/local/bin/tclsh8.6
package require http
source /opt/local/odie/lib/odieutil/mail.tcl
set from "The Blue Fairy <>"
foreach {url contact} {
} {
  set error_text {}
  set code [catch {http::geturl http://$url} token errdat]
  if {$code != 0} {
    set error_text $token
    append error_text \n [dict get $errdat -errorinfo]
  } else {
    set status [http::status $token]
    set code [http::code $token]
    set size [http::size $token]
    set html [http::data $token]
    if {[string index $code 0] eq "4"} {
      append error_text "Code: $code" \n
      append error_text "Page Content" \n
      append error_text $html
  if {[string length $error_text]} {
    set message "From: $from"
    append message \n "Subject: \[bluefairy\] Website $url down"
    append message \n
    append message \n "This is an automated warning from thebluefairy@[info host]."
    append message \n "The website http://$url is not responding properly, as of [clock format [clock seconds]]"
    append message \n \n "The information returned from our scan was:"
    append message \n $error_text
    append message \n
    #set token [mime::initialize -canonical text/plain -string $message]
    #catch {smtp::sendmessage $token \
    #  -recipients $contact} err errdat
    #puts [dict get $errdat -errorinfo]
    ::smtp::send $contact root@localhost $message