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SSL verification failed: unable to get local issuer certificate
Certificate received: 

  organizationalUnitName    = Domain Control Validated
  organizationalUnitName    = PositiveSSL Multi-Domain
  commonName                =

Issued By:

  countryName               = GB
  stateOrProvinceName       = Greater Manchester
  localityName              = Salford
  organizationName          = COMODO CA Limited
  commonName                = COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA

SHA1 Fingerprint:

  53 a5 4b 05 4d a1 1f bd a7 0f 05 3d da bb be c0 69 9c 7e d0

 * verify the certificate is correct using the SHA1 fingerprint above
 * use the global ssl-ca-location setting to specify your CA root
   certificates list

If you are not expecting this message, answer no and contact your server

Accept certificate for host (a=always/y/N)? 

SSL certificate declined

Sync done, sent: 0  received: 0  ip: