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  1. chat-transcript ... in the hope it isn't missed...
  3. strange, for my procx and some testprocxedures, trunk seems slower than tcl8.6.5 from ubuntu... a one liner procedure:
  5. proc foo {a &args b} {upvar 1 [set &a $a][unset a] a [set &b $b][unset b] b;set args ${&args}[unset &args]; list ${a} -- $args -- $b }
  7. 1.4 msec/it with trunk, 0.87 with 8.6.5
  9. Seems like either the unset or the ${&args}[unset &args] idiom has become more expensive. Removing just the [unset &args] saves ~0.22msec in trunk, but only 0.06msec on 8.6.5
  11. (FWIW) 1000000 iterations, timings have been run a couple of times each and some median used.


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Btw., further test makes it seem the concatenation is the real problem. once the unset is no longer concatenated, adding or removing it makes roughly equal difference in trunk and 8.6.5.

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with 8.6.5, the difference between "...$b; unset b" and "...$b[unset b]" is below noise level, whereas in trunk the difference accounts for 0.16 msec/it.