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  1. Install msys from
  2. Note this is only msys, not msys+mingw since we are not using gcc
  3. Uncompress into (e.g.) c:\msys
  4. Use command shell, not msys sh. The latter will also work if you work around the confusion between the VC++ link and the Gnu link executables (of course commands below will need to use shell syntax)
  5. Use forward / in paths to configure
  6. mkdir ..wherever..\builds (make sure no spaces in path)
  7. mkdir …builds\tcl
  8. mkdir …builds\tk
  9. cd …builds\tcl
  10. call setenv from wherever to set up paths and env for Visual C++
  11. set CC=cl (to make configure use the MS compiler)
  12. set LIBS=bufferoverflowU.lib (optional) needed for some compiler versions
  14. If doing 64-bit builds
  15. path-to-msys\bin\sh path-to-tcl/win/configure --prefix=TCL_INSTALL_DIR --enable-threads --enable-64bit
  16. For 32-bit builds, leave off the --enable-64bit
  17. Then,
  18. make
  19. make install