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  1. % set fd [open /dev/tty00 r+]
  2. file13
  3. % chan configure $fd -mode
  4. 9600,n,8,1
  5. % chan configure $fd -mode 19200,n,8,1 -pollinterval 10
  6. bad option "-pollinterval": should be one of -blocking, -buffering, -buffersize, -encoding, -eofchar, -translation, -mode, -handshake, -ignoredcd, -timeout, -ttycontrol, or -xchar
  7. % chan configure $fd -mode
  8. 19200,n,8,1
  9. % chan configure $fd -pollinterval 10 -mode 9600,n,8,1
  10. bad option "-pollinterval": should be one of -blocking, -buffering, -buffersize, -encoding, -eofchar, -translation, -mode, -handshake, -ignoredcd, -timeout, -ttycontrol, or -xchar
  11. % chan configure $fd -mode
  12. 19200,n,8,1
  14. It looks like the options passed to [chan configure] are processed while they are being parsed, applying changes for the valid options and stopping at the first error