Posted to tcl by kbk at Mon Oct 04 20:40:45 GMT 2010view pretty

==24462== Invalid read of size 4
==24462==    at 0x4137C32: MoveObjs (tclThreadAlloc.c:719)
==24462==    by 0x413794F: TclThreadFreeObj (tclThreadAlloc.c:630)
==24462==    by 0x4115C3E: TclFreeObj (tclObj.c:1447)
==24462==    by 0x414AA06: DeleteArray (tclVar.c:5430)
==24462==    by 0x414649E: UnsetVarStruct (tclVar.c:2532)
==24462==    by 0x414A69F: TclDeleteNamespaceVars (tclVar.c:5253)
==24462==    by 0x410F89E: TclTeardownNamespace (tclNamesp.c:1053)
==24462==    by 0x4052B0B: DeleteInterpProc (tclBasic.c:1419)
==24462==    by 0x4125AF8: Tcl_EventuallyFree (tclPreserve.c:299)
==24462==    by 0x4052944: Tcl_DeleteInterp (tclBasic.c:1308)
==24462==    by 0x40E8DEE: SlaveObjCmdDeleteProc (tclInterp.c:2587)
==24462==    by 0x4054A41: Tcl_DeleteCommandFromToken (tclBasic.c:3021)
==24462==  Address 0x10 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd