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  1. The question is: some time ago I've built ztcl + tclmore for win32 (to support stream compression in Tkabber); these modules go ok, but one user reports it cannot load this library (zlib, which is provided by ztcl) in his WinXP/64bit.
  3. We've checked his setup and it appears to be correct: tclmore loads ok, zlib1.dll, on which zlib depends is in the path, but the DLL from ztcl cries it cannot find some library (don't specify which exactly). We've run depends.exe on the DLLs of these modules and it shows that these modules depend on system DLLs (like kernel32.dll, nt.dll) which must (or should) be for x86 architecture.
  5. So I'm stuck: seems like I must rebuild the DLLs for x64, but how then does 32-bit wish84.exe work there?