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SpiteTool 0.1
  --appdir     dir   Usually the name of the app [spite]
  --prefix     dir   Install prefix [/usr/local]
  --bindir     dir   Executable files dir [$prefix/bin]
  --libdir     dir   Library files dir  [$prefix/lib]
  --scriptdir  dir   Script files dir [$prefix/lib/spite]
  --mandir     dir   Man files dir  [$prefix/man]
  --mansect    dir   Man files section  [n]
  --docdir     dir   Documentation files dir [$prefix/share/doc/$appdir]
  --exdir      dir   Example files dir [$prefix/share/examples/$appdir]
  --confdir    dir   Configuration files dir [$prefix/lib/spite]
  --tmpdir     dir   Dir used during installation for temporary files [/tmp]
  --destdir    dir   Super-prefix installation dir, does not affect --tmpdir []
  --srcdir     dir   Top-level source dir [location of spite.conf]
  --owner      owner Install files as owner:group  Owner and group must
  --group      group both be specified if "chown" is to be performed
  --datamask   mask  Mask for data files [0444]
  --scriptmask mask  Mask for executable files [0555]
  --tclsh      file  Path to tclsh []
  --wish       file  Path to wish []
  --sed        file  Sed program [sed]
  --sum        file  Checksum program ("" will disable checksumming) [sha1]
  --spiteconf  file  Location of spite.conf [current dir]
Actions (mutually exclusive)
  --install          Perform installation
  --gsc              Generate spite.conf config file
  --gsi              Generate sh script installer
  --gti              Generate Tcl script installer
  --gopm             Generate OpenBSD port Makefile
  --checksum         Run a checksum on the files
  --info             Display program info
  --readme           Display readme
  --license          Display license
  --help             This information
  --usage            Display SpiteTool usage message (default action if no options given)
  --ver              Display SpiteTool version
Action Modifiers
  --man              Install man (nroff) documentation (default if none specified)
  --html             Install HTML documentation
  --quiet            Do not display messages
  --fake             Show messages, do not perform actions
  --gui              GUI mode
  --dump             Raw dump of SpiteTool state vars