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# objective: the sequence Ctrl+x followed by "X" shall do something

# doesn't work
bind all <Control-x><Shift-x> {puts nada}

# doesn't work
bind all <Control-x>X {puts nope}

# does work for the left Shift key
bind all <Control-x><Shift_L>X {puts yeah}

# does work for the right Shift key
bind all <Control-x><Shift_R>X {puts yep}

# tried out on various Linuxen with X11 and X on Wayland


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Clarification: this is observed in a core-8-6-branch build which is later than 8.6.9 and most likely becomes 8.6.10.

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More clarification: # this works in 8.5 ... 8.6.9 bind all <Control-x><Shift-X> {puts yep!}